A few impressions of HafenCity (formerly: Speicherstadt)...

A week ago I met up with an old college friend of mine. We browsed HafenCity and soaked up some of the maritime flair. The Elbphilharmonie is really coming along and - unpopular as the opinion may be - I don't think the windows look like bubble wrap.

My biggest gripe about the Elbphilharmonie is that the new passenger dock there has displaced the old Sandtorkai passenger dock, so I have to walk further when I'm coming from my usual haunts before being able to hop on the harbor ferry.

A lot was going on in Hamburg. You can see tents in the background. Those are of the Elbe Jazz (aka ELBJAZZ) Festival. Together with the warm weather and the snacks I had just grabbed from Campus Suite, I don't think I've been so relaxed in quite some time!

We had to wait for a combination RoRo carrier and container liner coming from Argentina.

The wait was well worth the view once we pulled along side!

Although a thunderstorm was visible in the distance, it never got as far as Hamburg.

The happy result was a highly atmospherically charged photograph!

Multimodale Frachtbriefe: Ein rechtsvergleichender Überblick

"...but what is known is that many of the charges against this seaward matriarch will fall under the dominion of the little understood maritime law."